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Originally Posted by SvenskaRiga View Post
Any idea on who should win now this is going to court? Also, I thought the "rogue" clubs were against the ESBG as well as the DEB but from all reports I have been reading, it seems like the ESBG is working in favour of the "rogue" clubs?

Either way, I hope the "rogue" clubs win, not only because I have liked some of their ideas, but because it brings back Kassel and Frankfurt and the possibility of promotion/relegation
The rogue clubs made up the majority of the ESBG. The thing is that the last few years it was the DEL doing their thing, the ESBG was doing their thing and the DEB with all the lower tier leagues was doing something else.
Now the majority of clubs that were organized in the ESBG want to change their direction and kind of join with the DEL. A few former ESBG clubs do not support this and they sided with the DEB.

And since only a league that is recognized and accepted by the local hockey federation, in this case the DEB, is also accepted by the IIHF, any league formed by those 9 or 10 (if Landshut joins them) teams, will be considered a rogue league.

I hope this clarifies things a little.

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