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06-20-2013, 07:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Canadian Game View Post
Just to clarify, what are the rules about players like Komisarek with a contract in the minors? I thought players could still be burried in the AHL this coming year without the cap hit, but I have seen a few people say this is not the case anymore (obviously from the CBA). Would the full amount of his contract still cound against the salary cap, or is it a percentage, or something else?
Players can be buried in the minors but any amount of their cap hit over X still counts against the cap. X is something like $800,000. Maybe it's $1.2m, maybe $700k. The idea there is so that your actual regular minor league players aren't counting against your cap but your "buried" $3-6m players do, less the amount allowed. It might still be worthwhile to bury a crappy $2-3m dollar player in certain situations, but it has in effect ruined burying as a tool.

To be more direct, I BELIEVE a cap hit greater than X counts as "cap hit minus X". I don't believe the full hit counts.

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