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06-20-2013, 07:55 AM
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Originally Posted by jmelm View Post
It appears that the overall, prevailing sentiment here is one that has a pretty narrow-minded view of things based on a (all things considered) relatively small sample size and a lot of variables with Jarome Iginla. People are making hard & fast conclusions that "because Bylsma is the coach, that precludes Iggy from being a fit on the Pens" or he "would have to play RW on Crosby's line with Bennett on the LW for it to work", etc.

The truth is: we have ZERO idea what the plan is for the off-season. How do we know that the plan isn't to trade, say, Brooks Orpik for a guy like Alex Burmistrov or Kulemin or some other LWer who could fit on one of the top 3 lines and allow a Kunitz to stay with Crosby, and find another LW to play with Geno & Neal? How do we know that Jarome, with a full training camp and bit more time, couldn't make a seamless transition to the LW on whatever line? How do we know that, at this stage in his career, Jarome wouldn't be OK with taking a 3rd line role with Brandon Sutter and a guy like Bennett, Jeffrey, or a young winger we trade for. If Iggy was willing to take a 2-3 year deal at $4milion or less and play on a 3rd line/2nd PP unit role, would that not be an upgrade over Tyler Kennedy?

I'm playing Devil's advocate here, but there are so many other options or permutations that could occur that we cannot even fathom because we don't know what managements' plans and options are regarding player personnel moves. Orpik could get traded for futres and replaced by Despres full-time, saving us almost $3 million in cap space, and ditto for Kennedy and freeing up $2 million, and Glass freeing up $1.1. And this team has enough money that if they wanted to give Iginla a full season to see how he fits, they could sign him to a 2-3 year deal and then use an amnesty buyout on him next summer if it doesn't work out. That's what I would do for a perennial all-star who I believe still has gas left in the tank and who didn't happen to gel immediately, in a matter of 6-7 weeks.

People need to keep an open-mind to possibilities which may come about that we haven't even thought of, instead of speculating like it's fact what it will cost exactly to retain Dupuis, Iginla, Cooke, whoever. Just let things play out. First chip to fall was Malkin, and it fell right into place. And I happen to be with Darren Dreger in believing that Letang would sign here for an 8 year deal worth 6.5/year. Then it will be Dupuis...

Once we have our key pieces locked up, then we go down the line and see what's left. The collective failure to perform does not squarely fall on the shoulders of Jarome Iginla, but it does further open the possibility or justification to make a "tough" decision and trade a Brooks Orpik or Matt Niskanen before they become UFAs and we lose them for nothing.
Point taken jmelm. HOWEVER, management isn't keeping an open mind, so why should we in turn?

Bylsma's our coach. Fleury's our sieve. We're negotiating with Letang, Dupuis. You want Orpik dealt but do you really believe that's going to happen?

I certainly don't blame Iggy for our failures (hell, he wasn't around in 2010, 2011 and 2012) but at this point I've seen enough of Iggy on left wing to last a lifetime. I've seen enough of Iggy struggling to 'get to our game'. It's a terrible fit. A full training camp and more familiarity won't change Disco Dan's stubbornness. It isn't going to suddenly turn Iginla-Malkin-Neal into a good idea.

The things Jarome Iginla does VERY well aren't being used by this team. Why he even wants to stick around here I'll never understand.

Since the decision to give our moron of a head coach a contract extension, it's time to cut ties with No. 12. Hey, he wouldn't be the first great veteran player who didn't pan out here (John LeClair, anyone?). But no matter how hard you try to jam it in there, you can't fit a square peg in a round hole.

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