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Originally Posted by 24get View Post
You are right about PK improving.
But his PPP with Markov was the biggest improvement.

Remove Markov from the equation and PK get 15-20 PPP and is not even nominated for Norris.

At 6M, PK break even. He will most likely get 6.5M but for a longer term.
If PK stops to play PP with Markov and gets a 50-55 points season, what happens?
Markov - Diaz did pretty well before PK came back.

Whats going on with ur Markov making Subban better. Dude, one guy is responsable for this improvement: PK. Not Markov. Markov did quite fine. I think Mb asked way too much of him and it started to show after first half of the season.

Next season will tell us a lot more.
Give me on d-men who did not get his best numbers with Markov.
Markov-Diaz was very good before PK came back.

Markov-Diaz was pretty good before Diaz get injuried after 15 games* and Markov was pretty good before competition become better and he become tired.

At worst, he gets 50-55 points while Karlsson gets 75 points and Letang gets 85 points.
Given their respective performance, you need to hope that Karlsson and Letang are injured.

Lol our of those 3, Subban is going to pull the best season next year.

Previous year, PK was not playing at Norris level.
In 2011-12, he played 24 minutes per game not 26-28 minutes despite Markov not being there.
That's two minutes more that Gorges and 6 minutes more than Diaz and Emelin who were both rookies.

He was actually playing about 28 min a game for the second half of the season. So yeah, he had a much bigger rôle last year and he was really successful in shutting opposite team best lines. I hope Diaz improve alot next year because he did such a poor showing in playoffs.

If PK wants 7M per year, then we should wait and see.
Yea wait for what? To sign Gomez 7M instead? Dude see Suter gets 9m a year and i think Subban deserve as much. 7M a year would be a reallllly good deal for the habs, specially if they can lock him for more than 6-7 years.

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