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06-20-2013, 10:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Flames Draft Watcher View Post
I doubt we'd trade all 4. But here goes...


We need more at RW. Which is why I think they will probably hold onto Stempniak for next season unless they get a mindblowing offer. Stajan is less essential to our lineup than Stempniak.
I think it's more likely that #6 spends a year in the A (Feaster probably takes Monahan) and Stajan is the second line center with Glencross. Unless they get someone who for some reason drops a few spots, and /or the guy they get blows everyone away at camp. Alternatively, if Feaster takes Nurse, it doesn't affect the forward lineup. I think Lindholm plays the wing if he gets picked, and perhaps the Flames make a stronger effort to go out and get guys like Filppula (and keep Cammy until the deadline). That makes the top nine look like this (in parentheses are the ages as of October 1st, 2013):

Cammalleri (31)/Filppula (29)/Hudler (29)
Baertschi (20)/Backlund (24)/Lindholm (19)
Glencross (30)/Stajan (29)/Stempniak (29)

Average age of the top nine: 26.7

Assuming solid chemistry, the top two lines switch in a couple years as the second line surpasses the first in performance (pending a Cammalleri replacement, such as Gaudreau, Hanowski, or Reinhart).

That's one signing, who has well-established chemistry with arguably the team's most talented all-around offensive forward. Lindholm is a right-hander, so Calgary could keep that center lineup for a few seasons if they chose to (perhaps down the line replacing Stajan and/or Filppula with Reinhart and/or... JAAAANKOOOOOWSKIIIII!!!!)

Add in another signing of a solid top four defensive defenseman in the next two years, and strong play from Ramo/MacDonald, and Calgary is set up for (if nothing else) some seasons in the playoffs, and perhaps even a couple series wins.

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