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06-20-2013, 11:15 AM
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Originally Posted by caley View Post
Minnesota had to scramble around to acquire a goaltender (Picking up Jeff Deslauriers from Anaheim) to replace Hackett in their system, so they obviously weren't just giving Hackett away/planning his departure, Hackett was a guy Buffalo must have asked for, otherwise the Wild would have been content to let Hackett and Kuemper continue to play out the season.
Clearly they valued him but you have to understand that Enroth is literally the only thing worth a crap in our system. They need a guy like Hackett while the likelihood of losing Miller looms. Enroth has done well and he's done poorly, the bottom line is he hasn't sewn up the role of the future in net. That doesn't mean bringing in Hackett means he's more valued than Enroth, it just means the chances of being able to replace Miller are increased.

As I said, I want Miller to be shipped out. Go into the season expecting Enroth and Hackett to split the games with obvious allowance for whichever of the two is performing best. If it blows up in our face let's hope it does so to the tune of Ekblad, rather than our all-too-familiar gut-wrenching race to 10th place. I just don't think re-signing Enroth means anything. In the case that they keep Miller, Hackett won't be hurt starting the year off in the AHL.

Originally Posted by caley View Post
Not necessarily. Buffalo already has Connor Knapp, Nathan Lieuwen, and Andrey Makarov under contract (Assuming Makarov makes the jump to pros, which I'm assuming he will). Hackett staying in the AHL would necessitate two of those guys playing in the ECHL, which isn't ideal. I think Leggio's gone regardless.
Knapp and Lieuwen combined for 12 starts for the Amerks last season. They got their time in the ECHL and frankly neither impressed at that level. Knapp should be out of the picture. Lieuwen may be deserving of another chance but it's not going to be as starter for the Amerks.

I have hopes Makarov might be something, but unless Miller stays, leaving Hackett in Rochester, the Amerks will need some legitimate starter. Leggio would be the ideal candidate since he's a local boy and was excellent last year. I don't think he wants to come back unless Miller's traded and he's given the chance to back up Enroth while Hackett starts off in Rochester.

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