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06-20-2013, 12:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Groucho View Post
Get off your high horse.
You were fast asleep for 100% of his games until he put on a blue and white jersey.
You're ignorant if you think I've never seen him play outside of Nsh vs Edm, and you're ignorant if you think western Canada isn't forcefed 90% of the Leafs regular season schedule as well.
Franson was a player that many Oilers fans have scouted high and low for a few years, before he was traded out east.

Franson scored a whopping 1 goal that wasn't on the PP this season, and he shot 20% in the playoffs and scored 3 goals in 7 games. Not to mention it was a shortened season. In other words, he's a bottom pairing guy who's great on the PP and played above his head in the post season.

Thanks for educating me though
Man, I've already "educated" you but apparently you fail to listen to the evidence I've provided. I'll list it again for you because you're severely underrating Franson.

Originally Posted by Larry Hoover View Post
Franson would be arguably the Oilers #1/#2 D...While I don't doubt that in the near future Schultz will be better than Franson, as it stands today, I'd say they are pretty equal. HM to Smid. Franson would be one of your top 3D.

The guy is 25 years old and was on pace for 55 points, 11 goals this year if you include his playoff stats (7 goals, 35 points in 52 total games). That would have put him 2nd in points for all D last season after Karlsson.

The only players who played >50 games with a better PPG on D that season were E. Karlsson, K. Letang, D. Byfuglien

If you combine his playoffs shooting percentage with his regular season shooting percentage than he would have 85 SOG, 7 goals meaning he would be shooting at 8.2%.

For compairson sakes, Justin Schultz shot at 9.4%.

He's finally learned how to use his 6'5 frame to throw big hits and has a fantastic point shot that is ridiculous at getting through traffic and from his stick to the net quickly. He's good off the rush on D, his biggest flaw is defensive zone positioning, this can be taught by experience and good coaching. Franson is a great defenceman and you clearly haven't watched him play if you think he's a bottom pairing D.

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