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06-20-2013, 12:33 PM
Keep Kessel
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Originally Posted by supert View Post
The leafs made the playoffs for the first time in how many years ? How come Colborne could not make the Leafs who is weaker then the Oilers at Centre ? Leaf fans are funny all their players are the best all the best players are signing with them every year . As for playing on a weak team and still putting up points you fail at you attempt to put Gagner down . The west is much tougher to play in , if he was true as bad as you say it would be easy for the defence of the western team to shut him down . It is why Kessel,s could ever make it in the west , well he may be a 20 goal guy in the west ,but no more

Ok, pal. Its a miracle that the East ever wins a cup if that were true. The only thing more difficult about playing in the West is the travel, that is it. This whole notion that there are better players with better coaches with better systems in the West is a joke.. but whatever makes fans of the **** teams in the West feel better. Gagner is better than some fans are giving him credit though, and this is coming from someone whos been real hard on the guy.

Originally Posted by ponokanocker View Post
To Oilers: Gardiner, #21, Colborne, Scrivens

To Leafs: Gagner, #7

Oilers giving up more value in this deal than Gardiner & #21 for #7, which was previously posted.
Value is probably equal but I'd rather keep Gardiner. He'll likely be better than anyone drafted in the #7 slot.

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