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06-20-2013, 11:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Groucho View Post
For comparison sake, you brought Justin Schultz into this...

Who scored twice as much as Franson (8G, 4 on the PP) at 9.4%
Which would have put him on pace for 14 goals and 32 A's.
Franson played avg 19 mins a game and Schultz played 21. Schultz was also a rookie, and he's 3 years younger.

So not sure how Franson would be our #1/2D when we already have that guy on our team playing the exact same role... Schultz played top 4 mins for the Oilers this year but he shouldn't have had to, he would have been better suited to play bottom pairing minutes and QB the top PP unit. He still did pretty well all things considered, he played over 80 games this season between the AHL/NHL and he's never had to play more than ~50/yr.

But I didn't bring Schultz up - you did.
I made it clear that there is no question that Schultz will be a better player than Franson. All I'm saying is for the 2013-14 season Franson would be either your best or second best D. Why are you so adamant on the idea that only goals are valuable from D? A lot of Franson's assist aren't just phantom 10 foot passes to Kessel, he creates offence with his vision.

Franson has a unique ability to take a half slap shot that has the velocity of a normal slap shot but is extremely accurate. Because of this he is able to get shots through traffic and on net very frequently. Franson often shoots low and at goalies pads to create rebounds. This is another reason why he doesn't score many goals but gets a lot of points.

Look at this pass.

He's also turned into a very good open ice hitter learning when to pick his spots but not being reckless.

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