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Originally Posted by caley View Post
With how much the team seems to covet Matt Hackett (Acquiring him in the Pominville) deal, it would seem that if Buffalo were planning on keeping Miller, they would probably have let Enroth go/traded him. Re-signing him, keeping Miller and leaving Hackett in the AHL probably wouldn't be a great idea, hence why the Enroth re-signing leads to thoughts that Miller is headed out.

Enroth looked every bit like a #1 goalie in the WHCs this offseason, I have to imagine Swedish teams made overtures to him about coming back and taking the #1 job, so for him to re-sign in Buffalo, I'd imagine promises were made about a greatly-increased schedule.
I wonder about the latter given how low he signed for. $1M is standard back up goalie money.

Buffalo feels they wont have Miller after 13/14 season....dont see resigning him given the rebuild/retool.

Buffalo also has Hackett and Leggio(currently a UFA)...for a long time Leggio was in Rochester doing a decent job but Miller was up so he was stuck. It will be interesting to see if they also give Leggio a shot. Hackett does have one more year left of waiver exemptions for call ups.

It will be interesting to see if Miller is moved at the draft as part of a trade up or a deal for players/picks.

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