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01-07-2004, 08:40 AM
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Originally Posted by davedave
Interesting. I thought the Habs should have made a pitch for Florida's second 1st rounder, the one with which they took Anthony Stewart. If I remember correctly, Dudley was ready to deal that pick away as he had already selected his Power Forward, Horton.

Stewart had a good tournament, and he brings a pretty good Power Forward package. But his biggest asset is his character, which is something that Savard and co. supposedly value very highly. He faced a lot of adversity, the story goes, and through determination and hard work turned himself into a very good prospect.

It also helps that his father is a Habs fan maniac, and was rumoured to have been praying that the Habs draft him. When he greeted his son at the airport after the WJC, he was completely decked out in Habs gear -- jacket, jersey, cap, perhaps underwear...

It seems like a lost oppurtunity, for Stewart's stock has since risen, and it would take a lot more now than it would have taken to get the draft pick. It's just too bad, because he would have been an ideal Power Forward prospect for an organization that could really use one.
Hmm... Stewart would have been an interesting pick for sure now looking back at the draft... It would still be in good interests to acquire him... I'd do it for the first in this year's draft... and maybe a marginal player/prospect. Or Rivet and a second (Rivet was great with Bouwmeester as his partner, and perhaps it would be instrumentasl to get his kind of leadership in Florida) This would be good for us as well as Komi would get a permanent role, and Quintal can certainly stay for one more year to play with Souray, as he's been a good partner on the defence. I definately think Stewart is the kind of player I'd like for us in the near future. His stock may of risen, but it should not be rocketing beyond our grasp... at least not quite yet. If Dudley feels that he has his power forward, than we should set Mr. Stewart's dream come true, I think he'd definately push his kid to be the best he can be as a member of les habitants.

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