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Originally Posted by hogtownhabsfan View Post
So you wouldn't take a 5'9" RNH at 25 in this draft?

And I'm not a big fan of drafting for need, but I do think Petan could fill a need. If Galchenyuk ends up a wing, we need another top 6 center to pair with Eller, and I believe Petan to be a great stylistic complement to Eller.
With our team as it is, I would not take a 5'9" RNH at the #25 spot in this draft.

Petan should not be replacing Galchenyuk at center. Ever. Let's keep Galchenyuk at center and find him a big winger to complement him and/or Eller, rather than put a smurf into our top center spot again. We have had decades of failed smurf centers in regards to leading us to a Stanley Cup. It is time to try and get centers and wingers with size. We already have enough smurfs in our top 6, no need to add to them. As it is, we probably need to subtract a smurf from our top 6 to make way for a bigger player. We definitely do not add another one. Using your RNH example, notice how the Oilers have 4 amazing elite level forwards in their top 6. How well did they do? What do they say their needs are? SIZE and SKILL in the top 6. We do not need to become the Oilers of the East. Having a couple of small forwards in your top 6 is fine if you have the big guys necessary around them. We have Gallagher, Gionta, and DD. We need big guys around them. If anything, we need to remove one of them and ad another big guy. Drafting Petan is useless. Heck, we already have the Petan you want in the form of Collberg, another small guy who is supposed to enter our top 6 sometime sooner than later. So, NO, evn if Petan is the second coming of RNH, do not draft him. I take Morin over Petan 100 times out of every 10.

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