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Originally Posted by GordonGecko View Post
Mostly agree. MSG should be allowed to amortize their renovations over the next 20-30 years, but in no way should they be granted a permanent license to operated. In 20 years or so they should be forced to move, with the right mix of incentives. MSG, or a buyer would be responsible for funding most of the construction of the head house and would get rights to primo office towers above the new station in the heart of manhattan. MSG would need to obtain a decent plot of land in manhattan and will probably want to take its tax breaks with it
The problems with Penn Station and its capacity are all underground. All the proposals I read are about bringing light down to the track level, and creating open spaces... The concourse was paved over by the Pennsylvania Railroad before the Second World War. Creating the open space pretty much removes property from the tax rolls.

The first issue needs to be tunnels. Gov Christie killed the tunnel to Macy*s basement. So that is dead in the water at this time. With the LIRR East Side Access, we may actually see more NJT trains in Penn. Time will tell how that pans out.

The second issue will be additional platforms in Penn. The only place to put them will be north and south of the current station. That means putting them under the buildings bounded by 33rd, 8th av, 34th st, 7th ave, and 31st, 8th av, 30th, and 7th av. A lot to land to eminent domain. Not to mention utilities that will require relocation.

Their vision isn't realistic in toady's Manhattan. You needed that space boxed out by 1950. It will be extremely expensive to reclaim the land needed.

In way of the Garden. Sure, move them. You'll be giving the Dolans tens of billions to do it. Where is the money? And where do they move to? How can you be certain that some other community board won't vote them out? Everyone will claim, "Not here. Put them somewhere else!" And the further you put them from Penn Station, the less attractive the new location becomes.


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