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Originally Posted by PWJunior View Post
No, if I remember correctly... you and others were adamant that Lombardi would match a 2nd round compensation offer sheet NO MATTER WHAT, salary cap be damned. Now it's a different tune. I'm having a hard time following the inconsistency of arguments in this whole Bernier thread saga. So which is it? Will Lombardi definitely match or not? It seemed like yesterday that the salary cap was of little consideration and that Bernier's on ice ability was the sole reason why he warranted a high return. Today, the salary cap seems to be center stage when discussing the possible returns for Bernier.
I believe the kings would match any offer under 3 million that wouldn't bring back a 1st. At 3 million they would take an offersheet. This won't happen because Bernier will be traded b4 that.

The king are going to be right at the cap next year and should be looking at competing in the playoffs. Spending 3 mill on a back up goalie doesn't make sense with the cap coming down. This would mean the loss of a Stoll/brown/scuderi type player to keep Bernier.

Also the kings are working on signing Scuderi/Penner around 6.75 million in cap hit for both. So if the kings lose 1 or both there is plenty of cap space. A lot here depends on what happens with those 2 players.

Read's issue is that he is going to be a UFA after 1 year. Why not just wait one year if the kings like Read and go after him as a UFA?

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