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Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post
That isn't entirely correct.

The Kings will match any offer sheet that would only net us a second round pick which means that if a team made an offer sheet of less than $3.364.091m we would match it. That is what we have been saying and for the most part only that and I don't remember anyone saying anything like "salary be damned".

From what DL has said recently and JB has himself said yesterday I think we can count on that as being the truth. Salary cap doesn't matter in the return for JB so long as it fits in with our team plans both this coming season and down the road.

It is something that must be considered. It can be both and not one or the other. We can use the amount of salary owed any player we would be receiving in a return for JB as part of several determining factors for part of the value of the player or players.

It seems super easy when I see it but it sure seems to rile some people up for reasons I don't understand.

If a team wants to wait and attempt an OS then the worst the Kings can do is get a return of a 1st and a 3rd pick. If the Isles say want to wait to see if they can get JB on an offer sheet they will end up giving up a 1st and a 3rd in 14 for JB. I don't see Snow doing this but it is a fair example. I also don't see DL allowing things to come down to this either.

If it looks like he can't get a deal for JB done (which is very very unlikely) before 7/5 then he will sign him and deal him next summer. Read JB's interview from yesterday if you want to see how both he and DL feel about the situation. It basically says that the Kings will move JB if it works out for both parties and if not JB will remain with the Kings until they can move him for a fair value.

Look at it this way, it is worth at the very least a second round pick for the Kings to try and maintain the best goaltending tandem in the league for the coming season or three so they would obviously match any offer sheet that would only bring that sort of return back.

That said, it is also makes sense to match any reasonable offer sheet (at or not much over the $3.364.091) that would return us a 1st and 3rd in 14 and just let JB walk when he reaches UFA status.

We are in a win now mode and while JB is ready and wants to be a starter and DL wants to reward the guy for his loyalty by sending him somewhere that he can get his shot having the best goalie tandem in the league only makes us that much better and capable of remaining one of the contenders for the cup.

The return has to be good enough for us to weaken our team in net by letting JB go. If we solidify a forward spot it has to be for a good enough player to warrant what we will be losing in net. That part seems so easy to see.
well said and totally agree. I do have a question for u tg with your knowledge of the kids coming in this years draft you do you see being available at 15 ( the islander pick ) and 21 the leaf pick that the kings would pick. If you can give me a rundown of who and pro con of the people ( a choice of two would awesome) So i could decide if the leaf pic would be good enuff .

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