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06-20-2013, 02:00 PM
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Originally Posted by PWJunior View Post
So if the Kings can't afford a roster player who makes over $1.5M cap hit in return for Bernier, then why wouldn't GM's tell Lombardi to take a hike with his demands and just wait to offer sheet Bernier? It'll be a 2nd round pick. What's stopping them from stripping Lombardi of all his leverage and doing that?

I'm confused because I kept reading that Lombardi will match no matter what if it's for a 2nd rounder. Now, I'm seeing that any return for Bernier needs to (preferably) be around $1.5M or below because the cap situation.
Both items in your last paragraph are probably true. Not sure why they both can't be?

Why didn't the Flyers wait until July 5th to sign Mark Streit? GM's can wait to make an offer sheet and more than likely he won't be there by July 5th so whether or not DL will match the offer is probably moot. Since there is more than one team that is likely interested, waiting isn't probably the best course of action if these teams really want the player (just like in the case of every impending UFA traded in the offseason). If they want the player, they are probably going to have to offer up something in trade prior to July 5th.

The ideal situation is probably for the Kings to get either a cheap roster player with potential or to get prospect(s)/pick(s) in return. They CAN afford him if he were to sign an offersheet in the 2nd rounder compensation level. They'd probably prefer not to.

I don't see what is so hard to wrap your arms around. The Kings more than likely want him moved before July 5th to elimate the offersheet possibility. They'd also like cheap contracts or prospects/picks in return. When there is more than one team bidding, it is likely they'll get a return that fits their parameters.

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