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06-20-2013, 02:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Earth Rocker View Post
Leafs aren't interested in trading young players for picks or for older players.

As stated by the leafs brass, they will trade young players from a position of strength for other young players of equal ability for a position of the Schenn/JVR deal.

The other option mentioned is that the Leafs will take on a teams bad contract to amnesty in exchange for tangible assets that fit into the teams core age.

so the probability of Gards be dealt for a pick is low, it will be for either a young center coming back to the Leafs in any Gardiner trade.....or we take Horcoff/other bad contract + good asset (e.g Paajarvi) in exchange for mid round pick or mid level prospect, with the intent to amnesty Horcoff/other bad contract
If they're interested in swapping young players for position of need, then trading for a draft pick does make sense, if:
a) Leafs management feels they need another high end forward
b) Leafs scouts feel that they can get an NHL ready impact forward in this draft, either by drafting 7th or trading for 7th and then moving up
c) Leafs management feels comfortable trading a defender to address this need

Remember that D take longer to develop fully, so a sophomore or rookie D for an NHL ready rookie forward isn't necessarily that big of a developmental gap.

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