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Originally Posted by xxreact9 View Post
I'm very impartial to this entire argument. I agree with your assessment of Gagner. He is definitely worth more than a #21 and colborne. Here in ontario, leaf fans have overvalued joe colborne for MANY years. He is a fringe NHLer/AHL all-star at best.

However, concerning franson, you are incorrect. While I don't support the contention that he's an "all-purpose" D, as others have said, I wouldn't outright call him a bottom pairing D-man. Your argument of x amount of goals even strength hardly supports any notion of a D-men being on a certain level, as does shooting %. These are very irrelevant facts as they are not what D-men are evaluated based on.

That said, I view franson as 4/5 guy with the potentially of developing into a bonafide 2nd pairing defender. His positioning in the D-zone needs work, but aside from that he possesses all the tools to be a solid 2nd pairing defender on most above average teams.

Additionally, he is a step ahead of smid and schultz, and an oiler fan should welcome him with open arms despite his handedness.
Sorry... whaaat!?!!? Have you not been watching the last three years... you know, when Smid emerged as one of the top shut-down Dmen in the league... where he has led his team in ice-time (as compared to Franson who took a huge step forward this year, but was in the A the year(s) before)?

Smid has been among the top in the league in blocked shots, solid numbers in hits, takeaways, TOI, GA/60... etc. All measures that PROVE him to be a solid step ahead of Gardiner, Shultz, Petry and (definitely) Franson.

You must have a counter argument? I'd be curious to hear it.

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