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06-20-2013, 02:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Axl Rhoadz View Post
You bet your ass I am! That was horrible performance...ESPECIALLY for a guy who gets paid 6.8 MILLION....AND claimed to not be hurt. I was praying the guy was hurt so he had a good excuse!

But before you all start crying again, like I said several times already, I give the entire team a free-pass this year.
Then don't you think your focus should be more on Kopitar than Brown?

This is just my take on it, but Kopitar is what drives Brown to be as good as he has been. When Kopi is going, so is Brown. Kopi creates the room and opportunities that Brown capitalizes on. I think if you look at the last 2 years of the playoffs it supports this opinion.

With Kopi being a non-factor (I still think he was injurned), Brown no longer had the room nor ability to create many chances on his own, resulting in most of his touches along the boards. During the regular season Kopi, while not playing great, was still running at close to a PPG average, with Brown on pace to have just as good of season as he did in the year prior.

Would I keep Brown at a price tag north of 6 million? I think we need to wait and see how he performs in the upcoming season and with a healthy Kopi (assuming he was indeed hurt).

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