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06-20-2013, 02:51 PM
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Forbes: ", not basketball, would seem to be our preferred winter sport."

In terms of what people are willing to pay at the box office, in spite of a 14.7 vs 4..8 rating:
Despite Higher TV Ratings For NBA, NHL Dominates Postseason Box Office

Ticket prices, however, tell another story. Ticket prices for the NBA finals are at a 3-year high, averaging $941 for the Heat vs. Spurs series. This ranks a distant second to the Celtics vs. Lakers series in 2010, which averaged $1,805. Over the last three years, only one Stanley Cup final–the 2012 Devils vs. Kings– has had an average price lower than the price for this years NBA finals. In the 2011, the Bruins vs. Canucks series had an average price of $1,437, almost double the price $758 for the Heat’s first Finals appearance vs. the Mavericks.

A Cup final ticket is 46% higher than an NBA final, at $2097 in Chicago vs $1512.

“Hockey teams have relatively consistent demand all year, while NBA demand is much more impacted by star visits,” says Nima Moayedi, CEO of Razorgator, a leading secondary ticket seller.
I think this fits in with the NHL demographics most BOH readers understand-- affluent, techy, and more highly educated fans than the other leagues.


While the stars are more visible at NBA games, both on the court and in the stands, the day-in-day-out demand for NHL is significantly higher than the NBA. The average price for tickets across the NHL in 2013 was 18.6% higher than in the NBA–$147 vs. $123. In the NHL, 16 of 32 teams filled their venues at or over 100% capacity for the season. In the NBA, only six teams could say the same. As a country, we covet speed and power above all else. With 100-mile hour slapshots and two hundred pound men skating at over 20 miles-per-hour, hockey, not basketball, would seem to be our preferred winter sport. Based on the ultimate measure of demand—what people are willing to pay to see it live–that appears to be the case.

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