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06-20-2013, 04:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Protest View Post
I literally just showed you that they didn't do that until they got a better GM. The point was that as long as you have a good draft team, we do, you can build through the draft no matter where you are picking. It's easier at the top, but it's not impossible unless you miss on 1st rounders.
Come on. You have to understand why I am saying. I am not saying that management is not important. It obviously is. And certainly having better management will yield a better product on the ice. But if you want to model the team off of the Blackhawks, we are going to need a couple years in a row of top ten picks. It is not a coincidence that the majority of teams that have a ton of youth but are successful and "forward looking" are teams that were bottom feeders for years prior to the present.

What examples would you like me to give since the question is almost impossible to answer as Snider is not the GM, therefore other than the Bryz move, we don't know what or how he was involved decision making. All we know is this. In the past 20 years he's had 2 GM's that have had the same mentality. So as the guy who hires the GM's he is the one that promotes that brand of management. If he didn't like his team managed that way he would have a different type of GM.
I have no problem overall with the way Homer has run this team. I know that is unpopular around here, but he is a good GM. Not the best in the world, but a good one. Could he be better? Sure, so could every other GM. He certainly hasn't done a bad enough job to where Snider should be stepping down. That makes little sense. Like I said...what would you like to see happen? Homer gets fired and Snider steps down. Now what? Hire a GM that will commit to "staying the course" rather than trying to win. How long until you get frustrated that they are missing the playoffs? How long of a leash should he get? When should the new chairman step down if the new GM doesn't succeed? It's so easy to say "SNIDER SUCKS! HOMER SUCKS! WE WANT CHANGE!" But there is a lot more to it than that. Once again, be careful what you wish for.

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