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Originally Posted by Darth Milbury View Post
The NHL is not a schoolyard. Nobody cares about "damaging relationships." Garth Snow would give an offer sheet in a minute if he thought it would make good sense for building the Isles, and he certainly would not care if Lombardi was pissed off about it.

And, I doubt that Lombardi would take it all that personally either. Its a legitimate strategy for acquiring players allowed by the CBA. Not some kind of "dirty trick." It is no different than signing UFAs away from another team.

The real reason GMs avoid offer sheets has nothing to do with a high school like social dynamic. Its just not an effective strategy for acquiring players. Nine times of 10, the other team will match. And, when they don't match, you are essentially paying a player a UFA salary (which means more $ than they are worth) while still surrendering valuable assets.

I really don't expect any team to sign Bernier to an offer sheet, but I also don't agree that GMs will avoid offer sheets because they are worried about angering the almighty Lombardi.

Personally, I don't see a conservative, cash-strapped GM like Garth Snow going anywhere near an offer sheet. If there is a deal out there that makes sense, and the $ work, he'll pull the trigger.

Well..... we are losing Scuderi and with Willie on LTIR gives us 11 million to play with.
Harmonic looks real real nice...How about a nice offer sheet from the Kings. It's not dirty, just playing by the rules.

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