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06-20-2013, 06:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Darth Milbury View Post
Calgary has no chance of getting Nino.

Cammy, coming off four consecutive season with under 20 goals and being paid 7 million, is a candidate for a compliance buyout.

Junk assets like Stempiak etc and all the other flotsam and jetsom you posted about in the other thread are not going to get any attention from any other team either.

The reality is, Flames are at the very early stages of a what will likely be a long, painful rebuild and you're not pick pocketing good young players from the Isles or any other team.

So, my suggestion would be to move on beyond all this silliness. obviously have some kind of obsession with Nino, but let's get something straight:

1) Cammalleri had 20 goals last season. That is not under 20. The season before last he had 19 goals and before that he had 26. He also had 16 goals in 26 playoff games during that time.

2) This year, despite playing on a blown up team, he was on pace for 24 goals. There was a lockout, the season was shortened, so you'd expect smaller goal totals.

3) Stempniak is not a junk asset. 32 points in 47 games. He's got one more year at 2.5 mil, which is a great small contract.

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