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06-20-2013, 05:39 PM
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Originally Posted by your jaskin too much View Post
First of all, it usually doesn't take this long for a player taken as high as him to score. Second, whether he'll be amazing or not, the blues have no interest in taking that risk and giving up a proven player like Shattenkirk.
Usually players taken that high don't get stuck on third line shut down duty. Second of all, I believe the stat is (or at least was) he's the third highest scoring player from his draft class behind RNH and landeskog.

But the reality is, the flyers, up until now, have needed him to play a shutdown role against some of the top scorers in the game and he has performed admirably. With briere gone now, there is some possibility that he actually starts to see some offensive zone starts, pp and maybe even 2nd line time.

Its fine if you want to value him at a 27 point center. But realize that (realistic) flyers fans, and probably management, view him as a future 50-60 pt defensively elite center. And since we are in no dire need to move him, any team that wants him (and I'm not saying you do) will have to pay with that in mind.

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