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10-16-2006, 09:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Montrealer View Post
-Unlimited OT (which is fine for playoffs, since the games mean so much, but makes no sense in the regular season, unless you want some 4 hour games - baseball does this and by the end of the game no one is watching, especially when it's two under .500 teams)
Sure, 'cause in regular season the games doesn't mean so much.......unless you don't make the playoffs by 2 points and those points 'cause the team in front of you won 2 shootouts more than you did. As if it would last long 4 on 4, but you could also go 3 on 3 if you prefer and you know that way it wouldn't last long either. Sorry but I don't see how the last game of a regular season while there's 1 point difference to make it or not is less important than the first of a 4 out 7 playoff game....

So what would you do with baseball, home runs contest??? That's the only way for them to finish it and it's not always going in the 19th inning either....But people who love the game will stop watching. Will you stop watching if it goes to 15 minutes of overtime?????

I believe that if it's not good for playoffs, it's not for regular season as well.

Don't tell me that if you apply the rules that in 10 minutes you won't have a goal if you either play 4 on 4, 3 on 3 and if you still keep giving the penalites that will result in Powerplays. A goal will happen in 10 minutes, if not, I believe it will be the exception.

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