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06-20-2013, 06:23 PM
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I can live with the xboxone original demands and drm, but really, the issue I have with xboxone is the lack of games I care about foreign game developers (primarily from japan).

That said, can someone please explain to me why cloud computing and expandable universes and all that argument for always online only works for xboxone and not ps4? Seeing as how the concept of cloud computing (ie. having all xbox's compute something when it is not busy) isn't even being used as it was mentioned they are using dedicated servers to do it, throwing a wrench in why the xbox even needs to be always online. Unless someone can prove otherwise, everything I read for why its good to have always online (from a users perspective, not corporations) can easily be achieved on the PS4 for users connected to the internet (which is basically a majority when they play a game unless they unplug the internet cord) with little to no extra effort.

Serious question that NOBODY has ever answered me (across multiple forums, I seem to get ignored when I bring that up).

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