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06-20-2013, 06:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Multimoodia View Post
You want to rid the Blues of what may possibly be their largest trade chip for:

A 2nd/3rd line center (in the future)
A #3-4 left defenseman
A late 1st round pick
A goaltender who routinely puts up less than a .900 save percentage in the playoffs.

In essence you want the Blues to trade a goal scorer (plus Halak) for future depth.
Depth...the strength the Blues are always listed at that has won them lo these many, might Stanley Cups.

Sounds good. Sign me up.
Trading goal scorers for "future depth" doesn't seem so foreign to me - I can't help but go back to the Kessel trade. Boston was in virtually the same boat as STL, after finishing 1st in the East in '09. Kessel's contract was up, and he got traded for 3 draft picks. That foresight has allowed Boston to extend their window for several years (helped out by Toronto's failure, which made those picks rather high, of course). Now Stewart's contract is up and we have a decision to make. If the team feels that they need to move on, then then should look for the best possible trade option, and if they can't find a 1C in a Stewart trade, then why not go the "future depth" route?

So let's take the goalies out of my proposal then, and use your assessments of the players I suggested:

Stewart for:

Jeffrey: A 2nd/3rd line center (in the future)
- Is he really a "future"? He's the same age as Stewie, came into the NHL in the same season, and he's also an RFA this summer. On a team loaded at C, he still managed to play in 24 games this season, either at LW or at C when Malkin went down. I could conceivably see him slotted in at the STL 3C if we go with Backes and Berglund as our 1C and 2C next season (which seems very likely). I would REALLY love to hear some Pens fans' view of Jeffrey at this point in his career.
Harrington: A #3-4 left defenseman
- Yes, a lefty who could presumably replace Jackman in the lineup when his contract expires in 2 years. Or, if injuries come about, I hear that Harrington is NHL-ready at the moment for emergency purposes.
A late 1st round pick
- I guess we can't really assume how late this pick will be, but I see where you're coming from. Again, my thought is that it would give the Blues two first-round picks next year from which to assemble a package to possibly get that elusive 1C.

Like I said, I was expecting to get some heat from the proposal, but my hope was that someone might understand where I was coming from. Thanks for the feedback.

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