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06-20-2013, 07:37 PM
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Originally Posted by StevensCakeBakerBacker View Post
What? That's ridiculous. A prospect, or very young player in the NHL, is going to be valued on what they will become... That's the whole GD point of developing talent.

This Couts nonsense reminds me of when Flyers fans got a good look at Giroux and said he was going to be something special. Other teams fans game out with their nerdy stat books and shot down Girouxs potential... Not saying Couts will be as valuable as G, but it's very easy to tell who has watched him play and who hasn't. The first give away that someone hasn't really watched Couts play is that they bring up points.
This is the problem with HF. There are no guarantees with prospects and young players. Look at Patrik Berglund for example, he scored 47 points during his rookie year and looked like he had the potential to develop into what he was suppose to be, a 60+ point big #1 center.

All I hear about Couturier is his potential and excuses for why he didn't produce. Why didn't he receive a single Selke vote if he is already an elite defensive player like some say? But, he was incredible during that joke of a playoff series, so he's obviously going to be a stud.

There is a good amount of risk with Couturier. It is not a given that his offensive game will develop into what it can. For arguments sake, lets say he does develop into a 55ish point center that receives Selke consideration. Well guess what, that still isn't what we are looking for. We could care less about the defensive capabilities of the center that we acquire, just as long as they aren't a liability. Couturier doesn't get Shattenkirk no matter what is added. We aren't going to take a serious downgrade to get someone who isn't the right fit.

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