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Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
The way you put it paints a picture that is completely inaccurate.

To make it more accurate I'd say :

For a winger who brings offense, Gionta is bad at bringing offense. But he will not hurt you either.

For a center that brings offense, Briere is one of the best in the league and is a proven ppg playoffs performer. He is terrible defensively and needs to be sheltered however.

There is a reason there was infinitely more interest in Briere than Gionta when both became UFAs despite Briere's shortcomings.

You can hide Briere's flaws. When you're trailing Briere can help you. On the PP Briere can help you. There are plenty of players who can play conservatively and can play a more defensive role when the situation requires it. Not many can bring the offense Briere brings.

Briere has often been a main component in team that went to the ECF and further. Gionta was not a main cog on the devils he was a support player. You are undervaluing Briere's playoffs scoring.

But I really don't like his rat face and I don't feel like going to bat for him. I just hate him so that was my last post on this subject, carry on with the Danielle hate.
Spin it however you want the basic and essential fact is, Briere's team was much worse when he was playing and Gionta's is much better. One is a liability in most situations, one is a contributor. Briere creates more offense for the other team than he does for his own, while Gionta creates more offense for his team than he gives up.

I'm not talking about the Devils for Gionta. I'm talking solely about his career as a Hab were he was heavily relied on. During the course of those 4 seasons, when Gionta was on the ice the Habs played equally well as Philly did with Briere and while Gionta was used as a heavily lifter and Philly was coddled on a more talent team.

Gionta is a little bit of relative offensive skill combined with quite a bit of relative defensive skill for a top six winger to make a significant positive. Briere is a lot of relative offensive skill with an even bigger negative relative defensive skill to make a net minus.

And for the playoffs, you can't factor his playoff scoring without considering how much massively easier it was to score on him compared to his teammates. Over the past two playoffs his team has been -4 without him and -11 with him on the ice. And he was the guy facing third lines, not the opposing stars.

Briere manages to bring his team down in the playoffs even when he's scoring at above a point per game pace. That's how incredibly inept he is at defense.

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