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Originally Posted by Kyle McMahon View Post
You'll have to explain this. Chicago won the triple OT game and won another in OT last night. They overcame a two-goal deficit in the third period in Game 1, and overcame crap netminding in Game 4. Clearly they've outlasted the Bruins in both their wins.

Outside of a couple flurries late in the 1st and 2nd period, Chicago completely controlled the game at even strength. Only Crawford's horrid play and a couple very fortuitous bounces, both on powerplays, let the Bruins extend it to OT.

Contrary to what everyone believes, I think a trading chances game benefits Boston. The proof is last night's game. Boston was one shot away from winning despite being outplayed. They have the better goaltender and are more opportunistic. Chicago has always needed tons of chances to score as many goals as they do because they blow more chances than anybody. 3 missed breakaways last night, par for the course. Chicago was the best defensive team in the NHL this year and it got them back to the final. They want no part of a river hockey shootout with good reason.

Lots of talk going in that Bruins physical play would wear down the Hawks, a reasonable prognostication. I was shocked to see the Blackhawks clearly outhitting the Bruins last night. That was probably the Hawks' most physical game of the playoffs, and the Bruins didn't have much of a pushback in that department, at least not by their standards. They were the ones who looked worn out.

Not sure what to expect in Game 5, besides a great game. The big boys stepped up with offense last game, first game that didn't get decided by the grinders. Special teams were all over the map. If I'm Chicago though, Crawford makes me very nervous. Just when you start to believe he's going to get the job done, he goes and has his worst game of the postseason at the biggest moment. I've never trusted him fully, and I sure don't after last night.
The Bruins outplayed the Hawks by a wide margin in OT in the first game. Virtually nobody has disputed that. They wore the Hawks down in game 2. Game 3 the Hawks played well in first an after that were done. Last nights game Bruins came back after a shaky start, sent the game in OT, and were easily the better team in OT.

Don't read too much into last night. The Bruins will be in a nasty mood having screwed the pooch. They completely abandoned their gameplan in every way. Did not look after own end first, were not a presence in NZ, stopped hitting, and tried to skill their way to a win. Really, the Hawks are better finishers, lethal actually. Trading chances with the Hawks is stupid. Also, Bruins completely annihilated Hawks in game 3 completely dominating the game from start to end. Somehow the Bruins only score 2 goals. How this Bruins think they have better finish is anybodies guess. They should stick to what worked.

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