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10-16-2006, 10:54 AM
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Originally Posted by #11 Saku Koivu View Post
But don't kid yourself either. CEGEP is a joke. If you found yourself working hard to get a 25 CRC, then perhaps Business is not the right field for you right away. Business at Concordia requires A TON of hard work. You really need to buckle down and focus on studies once there. I had a 31.5 CRC at Dawson, and the workload was a real shock to me when starting my first semester at Concordia last fall. Now in my second year, I've adjusted to it, but it's still not easy.
I think it depends on the person though. My CRC at Dawson was a 26. Aftermy first year at JMSB my GPA is 3.65. It depends on how well you can realte to the material though ACCO 340 is ridiculously hard. Regarding not getting in to business with a 25 CRC, I don't know about that. JMSB is hungry for students, the required GPA has gone down for JMSB and the Coop, so i'm sure the CRC is not as bad as it was. Years ago it was a 24. Try out for what you want really. Don't just not apply cause you think it's too hard.

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