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06-20-2013, 09:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Psycho Dad View Post
Because it's ridiculous, unfounded, conspiracy theory bullplop. If you understand the purpose of the NSA and the method of info requests, you'd realize that the US government doesn't give two turds about Joe Blow playing xbox in his living room. This is for investigating suspected criminals/terrorists only, on a case by case basis, using information from not only Microsoft but nearly every media sharing company.

There's a difference between vigilance and paranoid delusion that should probably be explained a little clearer to gamers.
I don't want to get too into this but that's just how it begins and it will escalate from there.

Someone made a post on reddit the other day in a subreddit called "change my view" titled

I believe the government should be allowed to view my e-mails, tap my phone calls, and view my web history for national security concerns. Change my View.
You should read this post :

It's a little long but it gives you a good idea how something like this has the potential to be very very bad.

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