Thread: Rumor: Kris Letang on the block?
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06-20-2013, 10:43 PM
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Originally Posted by LetangInTheSO View Post
I don't necessarily disagree with your premise (that Letang is an 8M player in the new CBA era). With that said, I don't think the gap between Gonchar and Letang is quite as wide as some may think. Here is my comparison of the two:

- 5 on 5 point production is phenomenal (his biggest strength)
- Big minute eater (1st or 2nd on the team)
- Defensive zone coverage is good, but certainly not the best on his own team
- PP production is good, but maddeningly shy of where it could be given his talent
- The biggest knock against Letang (from the 12-13 campaign) is that he isn't the Pens' #1 dman: Paul Martin is.

- 5 on 5 point production is good
- Big minute eater (1st or second on the team)
- Defensive zone coverage is mediocre
- PPQB ability is still elite (better than Letang's IMO)
- The biggest knock against Gonch is that he is aging and not as well-rounded as he was in his prime.

The reality is that both of these guys are relied on to be their team's second best defensemen and both perform very well in that role. Yes, on the whole Letang is a better player, but I really don't think the difference between what they bring a team on an immediate basis is as much as some would think. Of course, Letang obviously has several productive years ahead of him whereas Gonch's career is winding down.
Your post is great but the idea that Letang is not the Penguins best defenseman is absurd and really needs to stop. There is this notion here that the only responsibility that a defenseman has is defense. Kris Letang is to defenseman what Patrice Bergeron is to forwards. He is a good defender with elite offensive skills. Bergeron is a good scorer with elite defensive skills.

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