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Originally Posted by King'sPawn View Post
Sorry, but you don't know all the dynamics. I've spoken with Lombardi myself, and he's shared his thoughts on offer sheets.

It is a legal course of action to sign a player to the organization, but it is also frowned on quite a bit, and it pisses off other GMs. You're not just putting a GM in the tight spot by making them decide on whether or not to keep a player; but you're also driving up the comp prices for other RFAs.

It's not about the almighty Lombardi, but it's NOT an appreciated practice. Other GMs have retaliated in the past by signing a previous team's RFA to an offer sheet. I can't recall what he said word-for-word, but Lombardi pretty much said, "When other GMs sign other players to offer sheets, it makes you want to grab him by the shirt and say, 'What the hell are you doing?'"

Now granted, it's not an appreciated practice, but we also don't know how often GMs try to sign players to offer sheets. We only hear about the ones the players have signed.

Granted, this was all years ago, so maybe the climate has changed, but I don't think you understand the importance of interpersonal relationships between the GMs. Granted, the GMs have to do what's best for their team, but part of that entails having good relationships.
Well said. There's a reason why it's not standard practice and there are real occupational consequences to being a ***** and trying to poach. It's a fraternity, and it's that much harder to do business when trust is breached. Becomes personal.

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