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06-21-2013, 01:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Articles like this is why I have trouble taking the Eskimos, or Kavis Reed seriously these days.

It reads like a troll piece designed to frustrate. Thanks Norm Cowley, must be a slow news day.

This quote is beyond comprehension:

Anybody that watched the game would know that Lampley and Lewis were completely useless waterbugs getting squished into the turf anytime they touched the ball. They got a combined 5yds rushing in the game. We had NO RUSHING ATTACK in the game save for some desperate scampers from chased QB's. WE passed almost exclusively in the game after apparently realizing that we had no running game in sight. What on Earth is Reed saying or thinking here? I wish somebody could explain it me because it hurts to read it that Reed thinks this is going to go well as a balanced attack. Idiot.

We have 3 scamper RB's, all around 180lbs, 5ft8, not a powerback in sight, and not one guy that will be able to bounce off tackles or run through blocks very successfully. We got Charles and not much else in the backfield. We got rid of Messam and Boyd last year "who we didn't need" and we're left with this collection of pint sized midget RB's. For a "honed balanced attack"

This is funny too. Hugh Charles on being an Esks RB:

This is like a Horcoff quote. "its not just about points and scoring, its about working hard, playing your man, playing hard, did I say that? and you know, having the right attitude"

WEll that settles it then, no wonder Reed was completely satisfied with the 5yd total "running game" from his RB's last week. That impressed him...

Jebus Charles your primary job is making yds if you don't do it I don't know where its coming from.

Holy ****. Wake me when the carnage is over.
I'm not saying I fully disagree with you, however the exhagurated doomsday 'sky is falling' rant you just went on seems a bit much this early in the season. Charles is the least of our worries this year, I think he's going to be great. I would hardly base anything in pre season, football is much different then hockey as far as readiness and prep goes. These guys are so green right now and it's too be expected.

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