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06-21-2013, 01:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
No it's not. I truly believe that he's convinced having done the right thing and I agree with him. He will have had Subban at a discount for two years with the cap going down, knowing that the price will go up for his next contract, just like he did for others before. He also knows that if push comes to shove, Makov and Gionta's contracts will expire by then and it's very much likely that the cap will go back up, as it's already predicted that it will reach the same level it is today, around $70M.

Because some can't understand or simply turn a blind eye to the financial implication of the game doesn't make Bergevin's decision a bad one.
that is irrelevant since he showed last season that he was in no rush to spend to the cap, and he's already made it evident that he's not going to pursue UFA or trading picks for quick fixes in the short term.

he didn't need to save that cap space right now, given the level of the team, its cap situation, and his patient approach.

after next season, even with Markov/Gionta contracts expiring and hoping the cap will go up, we also will have Emelin, Eller & Diaz in line for significant raises (we hope), not too mention the roster replacements or extensions for Markov/Gionta, and any potential moves/signings this off season or next to improve the team.

really is no way, especially how things have played out, to argue that the situation turned out well for the team from a cap & roster building perspective.

cognitive disonance is a powerful thing, but if MB really believes he'd do the same thing over, we might, sadly, be dealing with another "Gainey-Type" whose supreme confidence in his "policies" do nothing but screw up our cap & ability to build on an organizational strength of strong drafting...

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