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06-21-2013, 02:38 AM
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Originally Posted by mstad101 View Post
Again I have to ask. Why is this even being considered?
Two teams with the same needs and the exact same strengths trading weakness for more strength? Seriously who cares about Del Zotto and his value when the whole value of the proposal is complete and utter **** to start with?

Canucks fans look at trading Edler for goal scoring ability up front to help the Sedins and Kesler. Kassian is a young potential player who has been bounced around our line up with little chance of chemistry to form and is really our best forward prospect ATM.
So we trade out two best trading chips for players we have an abundance of? Giradi is great and would be an asset to add if the Canucks were the Oilers and were loaded upfront with no D core. But we aren't.
Del Zotto would be a good asset if we were the Flames and had an atrocious power play and needed someone who can move the puck up the ice and produce points from the back end. Again we aren't in the biggest dire straights for this. A new PP coach is all Vancouver needs to remove the stale entry and retrieval we had last year.

I just don't get why this has turned into a pissing match of who is better and why.

Oh and let's not forget that acquiring MDZ is an absolute horrid idea when our main candidate for head coach is none other than Torts. So please. Resume your idiocy of a pissing match because its really all this thread has created.
Thanks AJ you are a true dime of a poster.
LOL... Thats a good point about putting Del Zotto with Torts again.

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