Thread: Rumor: Kris Letang on the block?
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06-21-2013, 05:11 AM
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And no, Paul Martin is not a better defenseman, did not have a better year and cannot replace the things which the Penguins would lose if Letang were to depart.
The small yet vocal Martin contingent needs to realize that while Martin improved dramaticly, it was still only 31 games removed from a sub par and a god awful season.

Martin plays a much safer game and isnt prone to the occasional glaring bad play which is easily identified when Letang does such. But rather it be subtle, or glaring, he still makes mistakes. He simply doesnt have people go balistic whennhe does it and over analyze him to death.
Martin is very weak along the boards in the defensive zone. He has major issues getting the puck to a forward coming out of the zone. He struggles when he has the puck in the defensive zone if there is any kind of pressure put on him. He throws the puck anywhere if you put pressure on him in the defensive zone.
He still gets beat along the boards far to often.
As for this nonsense that he is better on the power play than Letang, again. I dont see it. It is exactly as I said above, that he doesnt have the occasional gaffe which somehow then is translated into: Martin is better on the power play.
Or they say its because his shots get on net despite Letangs almost tripling Martins shots which get on net.
Letang hits more, blocks more shots and has 2 less takeaways than Martin.

This notion among some that Martin is now this all around stud defenseman is misleading. Perhaps it is because of how awful he was last year which skewers the perception of how good he is this year.
And dont get me wrong. He has been a good #2 guy. But the notion that he has been better than Letang is not based in reality. The guy is simply void of criticism this year even when it was warranted, while Letang is a lightning rod for it even when not at fault.

Pens fans have been known to do this before withelitendefensemen who have an offensive flair. They ran a 26 year old defenseman (ironic) out of town who just finished a season where he averaged over a point per game (another irony) because of some perceived slight of his work on the powerplay.
Sergei Zubov. Who would go on to be a great defensman for many years.

The vocal minority about Letang remind me of those screaming for Zubov to be gone and who were happy that he was traded for Kevin Hatcher.

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