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Originally Posted by Smashville615 View Post
Who cares what the NHL and KHL has agreed on. Why would we force a player to stay here if he wanted to leave for the KHL. It would not do the team any good. It seems to be a common problem we have with players who come from the former "USSR" countries.
Your point of view holds no water. common problem for us? Radulov was the only one of Russian descent to do this so I don't see how this is common problem. Have you watched any of the guys who are Russian play in the NHL? Did you ever watch the teams Russia put on the ice before they came to the NHL? These guys played a system that destroyed Canada, the home of hockey. Canadian players turned to cheap shots to take guys out of the lineup to win. Does that make all Canadian players cheap shot artists? Next time you watch Datsyuk, tell me he's lazy or gives up on a play. Larionov was another stud. What about Fetisov. Malkin? He's a lazy player? Not a chance. Radulov, sure, he was lazy defensively. Ovie shows up when he wants a lot of times but when he is there, there is hardly anyone better in the game. Heck, did you ever watch Arnott play and loaf on the ice? Do you label all Canadian players based on his effort or lack thereof?

There are inspired and lazy players from all countries. Some guys play with bigger hearts, some shy away when it counts. You can justify it any way you like and you have the right to your opinion on the matter but I think that opinion the way it's been stated by you is wrong.

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