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06-21-2013, 08:45 AM
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Originally Posted by junyab View Post
MB is not trading Kristo for a pick...even if the value is there.
I would not be so sure that MB would not trade him for a pick. when the habs called up their black knights from Hamilton for the playoffs, Kristo was not one of the guys summoned. Its not like the guy was tired, he played an NCAA schedule not CHL...further, in speaking with a director of player personnel from another team last summer, the discussion circulated around NCAa players and the NHl pulling them out after a year or two to development them more in their system and with their lengthy schedule...Note, Kristo spent 4 years in North Dakota...and his remarks were, what does that tell you?
Further, Kristo has been the subject of some questionable behavior including his actions as a captain as well as an incident where he was " too intoxicated" to understand that when he lost his shoes while walking in the snow, that he was doing significant damage to his foot...frost bite that almost came to the point of amputation...are these the qualities of a first round draft pick, do you want to have one of your guys that you are building with to have chemistry with a character of this sort...Maybe, as I always say, I am not a flames fan so this might make sense to them but not to me

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