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Originally Posted by Carbo-Nation View Post
I went to a Habs game in Buffalo last February and the place felt like a home Habs game. I, going undercover as a civilian, didn't wear any jerseys. The people that did, however, did not get any yells or get kicked out or anything. I'd say the only annoying thing was this fat lady behind us saying "It's Miller time!" everytime Ryan Miller made a save. We get it! His last name's Miller and so is the name of a beer! Shut up!

That's the worst thing about that game. We won in overtime and all the Habs fans were cheering inside the building. Occasionally you'd hear a Sabres fan tell us "Shut up, it's the playoffs that matter!" but then someone would chime in to the top of his lungs "Hey, shut the **** up!" and there'd be a roar of laughter and even more of the Ole song.
This has been my experience every time in Buffalo. The season opener was a bit different because the Buffalo fans were more pumped up than usual, and got a good come-from-behind victory, but the experience was still pleasant. That game (the one you went to.. Kovalev scored in overtime) was unbelievable. I was sitting just right of the corner in the end where Montreal scored in OT. Fantastic game to see.

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