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06-21-2013, 08:53 AM
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Originally Posted by offdacrossbar View Post
words are cheap. deeds are precious.
Team never gave up in the playoffs. They played as well as they could against Boston, and just met up with a better team. Or are we not counting those particular "deeds"?

of course they will say that. no one wants to see a guy get fired. especially if the team underperformed and failed to attain their goal. good soldiers do the right thing when it comes to on the record press stuff.

in the end however, it was obvious to me that this team was no longer responding to torts. his days were numbered. this team was dog tired of trying to win games playing the way torts demanded. and hank, most of all, was probably sick of getting 2 goals a night max to play with. without hank this season, we lose alot more games

torts can only coach one way. period. he cant change nor was he interested in trying to adapt.
...which is why Tampa and New York played the exact same style. Oh, they didn't. Guess Torts can actually coach more than one way.

whether slats saw it or cared, is up for discussion. but to me, when those interviews came and key players let it be known that the team had tuned him out, slats had to let torts go.

and to your point about any supposed lack of depth, i still contend that torts was in on every deal. he and slats constructed this team the way he wanted it. a team full of grinding forwards who played a defensive game first.

boring. ineffective. noncreative. listless. reactive. losing. hockey.
Yes, because New York's depth is completely on par with Chicago and Boston like we're seeing in the finals. Yep, only difference is the jerseys, amirite?

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