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10-16-2006, 01:36 PM
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Defense is the Problem

Offense is NOT the problem. The problem is that we have a primarily offensive team and our coaches are trying to make our forwards become more defensive. The problem with that is, for most of our forwards it's a different style of play. This takes time to adapt to, hence causing our goal scorers to be weak at the beginning of this season. In the long run when Bouillion/all other defensemen etc come back, the team will have to rely less on the forwards being defensive and more-so on the defensemen being defensive. By then we'll have one of the best combined offenses/defenses balance in the NHL because our defense is starting to come together. It's our offense that is having trouble right now but in a defensive way. If Montreal's offense can learn to put the puck in the net without getting the puck put in ours, they'll have the team that I think Bob Gainey wants.

Don't forget that we have completely new management, and these are the guys who won the cup back in 93'. In 93 it was Defense and Goaltending that won the cup for us. Our goaltenders right now are both doing well. Abeischer is playing great. Huet only allowed 2 goals the other game, okay so he lost the shootout, big deal. Shootouts mean nothing. How often does a guy get a breakaway? And there are no shootouts in the playoffs, therefore as long as your goalie is all around good in every way other then shootouts (and your team makes the playoffs of course), your set.

Defense is the Problem. Too many of our defensemen are injured, our forwards are being taught a way more defensive style of play which they are adapting to as we speak. Offense is literally the problem, the reason the offense is the problem is because of the adaptation though. Bottom line, it all comes back to the defense. Montreal does have 2 good goalies, they have Koivu/Higgins/Kovalev/Ryder/Johnson/Samsanov, all of which are "capable" of 30+ goal seasons. Then you've got your plekanec who, on a line with kovalev/Samsanov(hypathetically speaking if this were to stay the same all year) could score 20+ goals and also get a LOT of assists. Another thing, Latandresse, Kostitsyn, where will they stand? You never know, look at Chris Higgins, last season he pulled off most of his goals towards the end of the season. Took him time to get adjusted but he sure made up for it. Maybe Latandresse will do the same.

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