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Originally Posted by ShortSideFlick View Post
Lol. Wtf man? Outside of 6 games in '09/10 Franson hasn't been an ahler since 08/09. Get a clue before you trash players.

And smid is a solid d, but he IS NOT "one of the top shut-down dmen in the league". You don't pick 1st overall 2 out of three years when you have one of the leagues best shutdown dmen, and in the top 10 the third year. Again, smid is good, but nowhere near being among the leagues best.

Lastly, you use defensive stats of a D who put up a whopping 4 points to "PROVE" he's "(definitely)" better than Franson, a D who was top 10 in d scoring this year, and is #11 overall in playoff scoring for dmen despite only playing in one series.

So in essence, as requested, the counter argument to each of your three points is:

1. Franson was an ahler until this year: completely false, franson hasn't played a single ahl game in the last 3 seasons, and hasn't been considered an ahler for 4 seasons. You clearly don't know **** about franson.

2. Smid is one of the nhl's best shutdown dmen: Lol.

3. Using defensive stats to prove a dman who puts up next to no points is better than dman who is top 10 in D scoring is like saying a jeep is more valuable than a ferrari because it goes over rocks. Not that it matters since you already established you don't have a clue when it comes franson (see 1.) and therefore are in no position to use him in any comparison.


"You must have a counter argument? I'd be curious to hear it."
You are overreacting... which is a bit odd considering I was responding directly to xxreact9 when he/she said: "he (Franson) is a step ahead of smid".

Now I interpretted that statement as "a step ahead in terms of development"... since the other dmen referenced are all very young, but clearly (at least in Shultz & Reilly's case) could easily become the better Dmen.

My rebuttal had everything do to with Smid... who HAS established himself as a top shut-down defenseman (ask any fanbase in the west) and has been EDM's most consistent dman in the last 3 years.... ie he is D-eveloped, not still on the "improving" trajectory of the other defensemen xxreact mentioned.

I was not and am not "trashing" Franson in the least. I said he took a "huge step" forward this year. And in fact I wouldn't/didn't even argue that his top-end might be better than Smid's (who is already pretty close to his top end... that's the point).

What I was referring to in my (admittedly dated) AHL reference is the general consensus that I have witnessed FROM LEAF FANS over the past few seasons, when he has been in and out of the lineup/doghouse.... is that you can't call a guy who just recently nailed down a job "a step ahead" of Smid, who has been a solid, consistent dman for AT LEAST the last 3 years.

That's all... no need for a coronary.

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