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Originally Posted by TheSkatingDead View Post
Any form for dynamic stretching is the worst thing you can do before a game... try focusing more on static stretching. And stay away from any formula or supplements before a game too... you really only need a lot of water and some Gatorade.

DO NOT DO THIS! Static stretching should be avoided before a game. 3 hours at least.

Static stretches actually weaken your muscles before training.

Perform static stretches daily. Hours before or after training. 20-30 minutes. To imporve your natural flexibility.

Before games you want to focus on PNF stretches, dynamic stretches but of course a warm up. An ideal pre-game preperation is as such for me...

3 hours before I do some static stretches. Focus on the glutes, the back, the legs but overall everything. if your quads are tight before games I will assume they are not stretched enough daily. It happens. So daily, you should spend time on stretching those legs. Proper rest and recovery. DAILY! Whether you play a sport or not, its healthy and feels great.

1 hour leading up to it I will do a good warm up consisting of jump rope, jumping jacks, high jumps. Maybe all of it. Raise your heart rate.

Then I will perform like 10 burpees, 10 push ups, 10 dips. Some rotational stuff to work on my joints.

I will set up a 10 yard line of some sort to jog back and forth. I will basically jog 10 yards, jog back. Then high knees ten yards. Jog back. Heel to butt 10 yds and back. Skipping 10 yards back, side to side motions, jungle swings, high kicks and low kicks for hammies. back wards 10 yards back. Sprint once or twice back. quick feet for 1 yard and sprint and back. Swing the arms, rotate the body.

Then I will probably perform some PNF exercises and some light contraction and extension exercises. Like deep squats but slowly down and slowly up.

I stretch my neck a lot too.

Nutrition is key. Go on google search for how much water I should drink. Depending on your activity levels, age, weight it will give you an estimate. I try to have at least 1 more cup than that. If its hot out, maybe some more but some sites will account for that. So many people drink less (much less) water than they should daily.

And most of the world is not getting enough nutrition and vitamins daily. Try to have 5-6 fruits and veggies a day. try to get at least 7 hours of sleep, no more than 9 but we all differ.

You cant sleep 4-6 hours every day of the week, and then the night before a game sleep 10 hours and think its all fixed for the week. doesnt work like that.

game days: I try to have carbs of course. But try to stay away from bread, and minimal pasta. Very little. But depends. I try to eat a big meal 5 hours before, but never to the point of being too full lol. We need to add protein to that of course.

Then about 2 hours before the game I will have a quick snack like PBJ sandwhich. Just PEANUT BUTTER. No added salt in the ingredients of the product, no added syrup or sugar or whatever. Jelly should have as limited amount of ingredients too. All your foods should be like that. No high fructose corn syrup.

TRY TO AVOID GATORADE. Its basically a lot of unneccessary salt and sugar in water lol.

Ideally I like to have one bottle water on the bench. And bottle of water, some green tea, a little honey, and a pinch of salt.

Check out BioSteel Pink Drink. I want to try it. Mostly natural ingredients except for like sucralose but they said years ago they been trying to get rid of it. I just trust Gary Roberts ideology on nutrition and health.

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