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Originally Posted by EchoesoftheEighties View Post
Yeah unfortunately if you're NOT a PC gamer it's awful. I play MAYBE 2 games on PC and I've been forced to go through Steam each time. Had to download this thing to my PC, had to make an account for something I'll never use and can't play my games without logging in. It's a huge **** off. I lost my password and was screwed for a little while. I can see why PC gamers like it, but I can't stand it. Just let me download my game and play it.

I also dislike DLC which is another major feature of Steam. Like I said in the original post you guys quoted, I am not a PC gamer.
There's an offline mode, so none of that is relevant.

90% of PC titles are now sold on steam. That's how good the service is. You also get these times of years when they have INSANE sales. like FarCry 3, for $20? Recently Released Tomb Raider for $25. The entire THQ library for $60.

Also, auto-updating your buggy crashing game? Yes plz. Cloud saves so I can play my EXACT same game where I left it off at work? YES plz.

Logging in is a HUGE problem despite ENORMOUS benefits.. with an easy to use password recovery service?


Originally Posted by dnicks17 View Post
Can we start calling it the XB1?

I keep reading it as X-bone haha.

hehe, it IS X-bone

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