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06-21-2013, 12:15 PM
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Originally Posted by frostyflo View Post
Yeah who needs effing goals at all?

If we would trade Shatty for Ryan we would still have Stewart, Perron and even Oshie as more or less reasonable trade-chips to get an replacement for Shatty (not as good but good enough) and maybe a center (not a #1 but you also won't get one for Shatty) for a guy who is a proven 30+ goalscorer.

And even if we don't get another RHD asap our D would be good enough for some time:


But I guess you are only allowed to make one offseason move and everyone who looks at the larger picture is insane.

That said (to all the other Blues fans who aren't verbally attacking others because they have a different opinion) I'm not a fan of trading Shatty either, like having him around but if the right deal comes along....
Trading Shatty makes our defense much worse the third pairing you have is not very good at all. It breaks up our ideal top pairing putting us basically in the same place we were last season.

We lose offense by trading Shatty then a new need arises of a PMD. It's not some fantasy world were you can trade a player like Shattenkirk and not lose a good part of your transition game.

Also after the trade we still need a center. We added a better winger I agree but we weakened our defense and our transition game. So while we improved goal scoring we still hurt the team in another area substantially.

If the right player comes along then trading Shatty could make sense just Ryan is not that player. We finally have the defense we have been looking for 2 seasons now. Why not give it a chance to actually play together for a full season.

Tarasenko should get better this season. Schwartz should get better this season as well. People get made at Stewart for being streaky the same people would most likely get made at Ryan as well. Goal scorers are streaky. While I agree Ryan is an upgrade on Stewart he's not some huge upgrade. Also Ryan is an UFA in 2 years who will most likely walk to Philly. If we lock up Shattenkirk long term in the future he will mean much more to us as well.

People need to look at the whole picture of things not just that we need goalscoring so let's trade a huge key to our transition game that creates goalscoring. As good as Bouwmeester is he currently is not as good of a PMD as Shattenkirk. So having him be the key puck mover on the second pair hurts our second pairings transition game.

I don't think people realize the huge hole trading Shattenkirk opens up. And we really didn't fill a whole at all. Does anyone actually think Stewart, Perron, Rattie, Jaskin ect will bring us a Shattenkirk type player or a #1 center?

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