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10-16-2006, 03:26 PM
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Disagree...our defensive weakness if way overblown. The Habs are a pretty good defensive team IMO, the problem has always been the offense and it's been this way for the past decade it seems. This team never has a point producer you can depend on game in game out, a PPG player. Not since the glory days of Kirk Muller, Vincent Damphousee and Pierre Turgeon have the Habs have a guy put up PPG. I'm starting to wonder if that will ever happen.

I think if Koivu can remain healthy for a season, he should be good for about 70 points or so, same with Kovalev...but for everyone else it's wait and see.

Defense wasn't the problem last year, and it won't be the problem this year. It's putting pucks in the net that's proving to be difficult.

IMO - Barring any injuries...

Ryder should get at least 30-35 goals

Higgins should get 25-30 goals

Kovalev should get at least 30-35 goals, but he's no longer interesting in shooting the puck. I find it odd, if you look at Kovalev's numbers they've been decreasing every year since his 99pt campaign and I think there's a direct correlation between that and his shot attemps on goal. This is a guy who was in the 290-320 range and we'll be lucky if he gets 200 shots on goal this year.

Our top 6 wingers need to find a way to get more shots on goal instead of looking for the perfect play.

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