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Originally Posted by Fenway View Post

Of the O6 teams the Rangers have the smallest following

Montreal and Toronto are almost equals even today when you combine CBC/RDS numbers.

Detroit is a solid #3 as before expansion they were considered Canada's 'third' team.

Boston is #4 with strong New England and Maritimes support - Chicago #5 as they were followed in Canada's bread basket.

The Rangers never developed a Canadian following.

LOOK - the NHL will never catch the NBA is total eyeballs - but when the dust settles NBC will most likely have made a bigger profit on hockey than ESPN/ABC with hoops because of rights fees.
Originally Posted by gordie View Post
The Rangers have always had a very strong following in British Columbia due to the many natives of that Province who played for them.
The Rangers never had a truly iconic player.
There was no Orr, Hull, or Howe.
Wasn't a truly dominant era.

In the US, the Rangers all things equal have the second biggest following after Detroit. When the Rangers won the cup in 1994 they drew on the road and on TV Yankee like support.

I think it is completely unfair to 2013 act and treat the Rangers as the ugly duckling of the original six.
I'd like to see how the Bruins would be followed if they won ONE division in twenty years (oh wait, back pre -2008 they couldn't sell out playoff games) or the Hawks (oh wait...again pre 2009 the madhouse was half full).

Give the Rangers a consistent contender and recent cup champ and just watch how their ratings explode and how the league does even better.

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