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06-21-2013, 01:07 PM
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Problem with running Hudson line trains into penn station is that the empire connection from NYP thru the west side of Manhattan doesn't have 3rd rail and that line can only access trains 7-9 or something like that. The other issue is that the LIRR and Metro North use different third rail systems. So once the trains get into the vicinity of Penn Station your going to have all sorts of problems since the two cannot be mixed. So basically a bunch of Amtrak and NJT trains would have to be shifted to the LIRR tracks and Metro North and Amtrak would have to share their empire connection tracks. The New Haven cars can run on both third rail systems along with overhead wires like Amtrak/NJT. I think the most likely thing would be New Haven line trains running over the hell gate line thru queens and into the east river tunnels. Those trains could take slots that could be freed by the LIRR and in the East river tunnels.

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